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How to Track Expenses in Quickbooks: Many businesses incur expenses when providing services for their customers and they want to bill their customers for these expenses. For example, a lawyer may bill their client for courtroom time. When the lawyer drives to the courthouse, they may have to pay a toll. The lawyer will pay for that toll out of pocket and then include that toll on the invoice to the client at the end of the engagement. Many wonder how to handle expense tracking in QuickBooks accounting business software, so here is a step-by-step article on how to do this.
Steps: Step 1:Enter in the expense as you normally would on either a check, credit card charge or a bill.

Step 2:When you choose the expense account (in this case – Automobile:Gas, Tolls & Mileage) you also want to enter in the Customer Name in the Customer:Job column and then check the box that says “Billable.” Save & Close the transaction.

Step 3:When it comes time to create the customers Invoice, open up …